CGDI CG100X Programmer for Airbag Reset Mileage Adjustment and Chip Reading


CGDI CG100X Programmer for Airbag Reset Mileage Adjustment and Chip Reading



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CGDI CG100X Programmer for Airbag Reset Mileage Adjustment and Chip Reading Support MQB Add RH850 R7F701407 Get Free Pro V2 and D1 MQB Adapter

CGDI CG100X New Generation Programmer for Airbag Reset Mileage Adjustment and Chip Reading 

CG100X is the new generaiton programmer for airbag resetting, mileage adjustment and chip reading, covering 90% of models and modules on the market, including American, German, French, European, Korean, Japanese, Italian, domestic series, as well as engineering vehicles and motorcycles, it is powerful and the first choice for opening a store. Stable and safe, convenient and intelligent.


1. Functions Including Airbag Reset, Mileage Adjustment, ECU and BCM Chip Reading
2. Support BMW Land Rover Key match
3. Free Update for 1 Year, after one year, it will cost $89 per year. 
Not force to update, device can still perform if you don't want to pay for the update cost after the first year.
4. Language: English/ Chinese
5. Support auto repair commonly used engine computer, steering angle, FRM module, keyless entry module, audio amplifier, transmission computer, 48V light lithium battery, 12V lithium battery and other kinds of body computer
6. Get Free  PRO V2 Harness and D1 MQB Adapter  in Package.
8. Work on BMW 35080 Series

9. Latest Update on March, 2024 to Support RH850 R7F701407

CG100X Functions List:

1. Meter mileage adjustment

The software is embedded with intelligent algorithms, and the mileage data is automatically analyzed. It supports more than 4,600 car models, with a success rate of over 95%. It is closely following the market and is being upgraded in real time. It supports VW MQB mileage repair, includes D70F3526 (A2C81589700) (read write), D70F3529 (read write), D70F3532 (A2C81589500) (read write). Car models cover Golf, Magotan, Lavida, T-ROC, Tayron, Bora, Sagitar, Lamando, CC, Variant, Teramont, Skoda, Octavia, Kodiak and other models.


Enter"Dashboard"function, select car series, brand, model and year/chip, double-click the year/chip you selected or click "Next", and you can see the related operation instructions (precautions, EEPROM adapter required and wiring diagram). Then click "Start Operation” 
"to do step by step.

2. Airbag computer reset

Contains more than 4,500 ACU models, dedicated to solving airbag faults, analyzing the cause of the light, perfectly clearing the fault code, giving car owners peace of mind, and more models are continuously added.

3. Car body failure maintenance
Focus on automotive electronic faults, good at repairing various common faults, support engine computer, steering angle, footwell module, keyless entry module, audio amplifier, gearbox computer, 48V light hybrid lithium battery, 12V lithium battery, etc. A body computer that provides vehicle data and assists repairmen in resolving vehicle failures.

4. Accessory clone replacement

Solve the pain points of the repair shop, a single device can replace accessories, data cloning, analysis and repair, one-click operation without asking for help.

5. Chip Data Burning
Covers more than 90% of automotive chips, supports more than 1,800 models, reads, modifies, writes, erases, partitions and saves to meet daily car repair needs, and can also use the browser that comes with the software to analyze data.

Octal Chip (EEPROM):
24 series, 25 series, 35 series, 93 series, 95 series, X50 series, S29 series, RH series, CAT10 series, CR series

MB90 series, MB91 series, MB96 series

PIC18F series

Texas Instruments (TI)
TMS series
S32K1 series
9S08 series, 9S12 series, HC908 series, HC912 series, MAC series, MPC56 series
ATMEGA series
H8SX series, M32R series, R5F10D series, RH850 series, V850 series
TC series, XC series
Saiyi Law (ST)
SPC series, ST10F series, STM32F series, STM8 series
Cypress/Spansion Semiconductor (Cypress/Spansion)
S6J series

6. Car key matching
Support BMW CAS series and Land Rover models, automatically display the key ID and usage status, and assist the locksmith to complete the key matching work.

CG100X Features:

1. Top ten accessories, functional classification
In addition to the main unit, it comes with 10 kinds of accessories, and the functions do not overlap; the DB25 connection method is used, which is more stable and safe; the wire number is clearly marked to avoid welding errors.

2. Reading and writing speed up, status monitoring
Compared with conventional programmers on the market, CG100X has an overall speedup of more than 120% for chip reading and writing, and some chips can reach 200%. The operation is monitored in real time to protect data and chips. For large-capacity eight-pin chips, the speed of reading and writing is increased by more than 500%, shortening the operation time, so that customers no longer have to wait, and truly achieve twice the result with half the effort.

3. Eight pins without dismantling, pin detection
Supports eight-pin chips without dismantling, avoiding the risk of back and forth soldering. Strong drive capability, free from communication interference. Provide pin detection, red means poor contact, green means good contact, visually display the pin status. It is more compatible with Honda instruments without dismantling, and provides wiring diagrams to avoid motor damage caused by disassembling the pointer. More disassembly-free
wiring diagrams are continuously added.

4. Intelligent algorithm, real-time upgrade
Automatic analysis of instrument kilometers, the error does not exceed 32Km, some hybrid models support modification of HEV+EV, engineering vehicles can modify working hours, and more than 50% of trucks provide fuel consumption modification.

Airbag Computer Reset Provides Two Solutions: Fault Clearing and Data Overwriting.
Fault clearing:
The original data is stored in the chip, and the fault code is clear, such as collision fault or air curtain fault. If you choose this repair method, only the relevant fault data in the chip will be cleared, and other data areas will not be

Data Coverage: When we are not sure how many jobs we have received and the data is not the most original, we can choose this repair method. After replacing all the data in the chip, a fault code may be reported due to the different configuration of the vehicle, and we need to reprogram and match. Focus on the development of R7F7 instrument, D70F instrument, SPC instrument and new airbag computer, so that 100% of the eight-pin chip can be disassembled, and is committed to covering 99% of the models and modules in the market.

5. Hardware upgrade, data loss prevention
Although CG100X and CG100 are different in one word, the equipment is completely different. CG100X adopts the industry's ideal architecture design and is equipped with the world's most advanced MCU. It is known as a fighter among single-chip computers, and its operation is more stable and safer. The advantages in hardware come from market demand. We attach great importance to customer feedback and suggestions. CG100X will support new modules and new chips more easily.

Adopting DB25 communication interface, compact design, stronger driving ability, OBD mode can be upgraded later, and supports CAN, LIN, K and other automotive communication protocols.

6. Easy access, automatic search
● Open the software without plugging in the device, which is convenient for viewing the vehicle model and functions;
● The car model search automatically matches special characters such as spaces and bars, regardless of case;
● The general programmer search mask directly displays the chip;
● In the list interface, click to enter and press Enter to enter;
● Support picture scaling, display file open/save path.

CG100X vs CG100 vs CG70
HardwareThe connection software requires a 12V power supply,
and the use process is needed
The connection software does not require a 12V power supply,
The use process is needed
The connection software requires a 12V power supply,
and the use process is needed
Packing Plastic suitcaseWhite Carton BoxPlastic suitcase
Annual feeFree update for 1 year, update cost $89/year. Device can still work if don't pay for update cost after the first year.Free update for 1 year, update cost $89/year. Device can still work if don't pay for update cost after the first year.First year is free to use,  annaul fee is needed from the 2nd year
Features1. Instrument adjustment
2. airbag repair
3. Body failure repair
4. BCM module read and write
5. Reading and writing of various non -encrypted chips
6. BMW Land Rover writes key
1. Instrument adjustment
2. airbag repair
3. Engine and computer read and write
4. BCM module read and write
5. Reading and writing of various non -encrypted chips
Mainly work for Airbag repairng, No Welding No Disassembly Get
Free ECU Uncover Tool
HighlightHardware upgrade, read and write data faster and more
The upgrade frequency is faster.
1. 8 -foot removal of adapter (CG100 Many customers ask)
2. CAN line communication (similar to CG70)
3. BMW Land Rover Key match (CG100 cancel KEY adapter)
4. Can support more chips, keep pace with the times, and
have strong new MCUs. The adapter is upgraded.
5. BCM can be enhanced, for battery repair, and various types
of common problems (steering angle), the future growth will
be stronger.
6. All of the CPT wiring will be added (add 3-5K airbag model
at a time), mainly for foreign models
Support multiple instrument and airbag repair
BMW FRM repair
Mercedes -Benz Porsche Battery Repair
No need to disassemble the airbags to repair the airbags without
1. Similar to the CPT device, the price is more competitive
2. The operation is easy, no need to disassemble the welding line
3. models are constantly upgrading
Support ModelsA total of 1538 chips, 4600 instrument mileage, more than
4,500 ACUs, ECUs, BCM; Contact sales to get the support list
Support 1503 chip models, 4767 instruments, 4570 airbags,
Contact sales to get the support list
Support 3806 airbag models, continuously increasing (final 5000+);
Contact sales to get the support list

CG100X Latest Update Information: (CG100X Latest Software Free Download)

CG100X V1.4.9.0 NEW (2024.05.11)

1. Added 43 models to dashboard.
2. Added 3 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
Aochi X3 2021- 24C04
Boruda DS7 PIC18F45K80
Beijing Zhida X3 2019- 9S12ZVH128 (Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
Beijing Q7 24C16 (Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
Benz S (W222) 2015- D70F3525
Chenggong LUOTUO E300 R5F10DPXXX
Spring breeze 550 ATV 2013-2015- PIC16F1933
Dayun Dayun DYX12 Truck 2020- FS32K142
DIAO Tractor 24C01
DongFeng Yixuan 24C16
DongFeng Captain 24LC256
DongFeng Changxing D3 MPC56XX
DongFeng Jingyi X5 2013- 24C02
DongFeng Yufeng V9 2021- 93C66
DongFeng Duolika PIC18F66K80 V2
DongFeng Duolika PIC16F946
Fuminpai Electric car 2018- 24C08
Ford LINGYU 2022- 24C32
FOTON Oman Galaxy 24C16
FOTON shidai xiaoka STM8S105C6
FOTON Bus FS32K146
Trumpchi M6 2021- 24C16
Geely Emgrand L FS32K144
JAC Geerfa K3L 24C04
KINGLONG Haige 2014- 24LC32
LEVDEO Mangguo 2021- PIC18F46K80
LOVOL lovol Leopard 2204 tractor 25640
Long Xin WUji 500DS 24LC64
Nissan LIVINA 2013- 93C86
Roewe EI5 25160(Dashboard)+24C16(BCM)
Roewe 360 plus 2018- 9S12XHZ256(Dashboard)+24C16(BCM)
RUIlancar Maple leaf60s 2022- FS32K142
SKOKDA XIrui 2015- D70F3524
Tianji EM7 R5F10DSLL
Victoria 150 24C08
Ward Harvester MB91F534B(times)
XINYUAN T23 2023- 24C16
Chevrolet LOVA 2012- 24C08
ChangAn Lantuozhe 2022- 24C64
Great Wall Havel H6 2023- R7F701404
CRRC Era CRRC Electric R7F701404

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Honda INSPIRE 2022- 93C86(read write)
Redflag HS7 24C16(head unit)(read write)
Redflag HS5 24C16(head unit)(read write)

CG100X V1.4.8.0 (2024.04.30)
1. Added 3 models to dashboard.
2. Added 20 models to airbag.
3. Added 21 models to Body repair.
4. Added 11 models to read-write. 

The following models are added for dashboard.
JAC Devos 24C16
leijun L3 24C02
WuLing Kaijie S6J328C(CAN)

The following models are added for airbag.
Honda 77960-TBT-B210-M2 R7F701A223
BYD AUTO MEHM-3658100A Step One95128
BYD AUTO MEHM-3658100A Step TwoSPC560P50L3
BYD AUTO SA-3658100D(SEC30) Step One 95640
BYD AUTO SA-3658100D(SEC30) Step Two SPC560P50L3
Buick 13578308 9S12XDT384
DongFeng A4D0021IV00200 R7F701008
SouthEast J38580737 R7F701008
Toyota 89170-F4500 R7F701A223
Renault D00001100670 Step One R7F701064
Renault D00001100670 Step Two95128
Chery 407000363AA TC222
Chery F01-3658010FL 95160
Chery C11-3658010BA 95320
Nissan 98820 6JN0A TC222
Nissan 98820-5US0B TC222
Nissan 98820 5R60A 95128
ChangAn 3658100-EA02 TC222
Great Wall 3658110XPW15A TC222
Great Wall 3658130XKZ1DA TC222-16F

The following models are added for Body repair.
Toyota Steering 89245-02050 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-02080 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-02090 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-05020 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-05030 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-06040 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-06050 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-07020 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-0C030 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-0E020 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-0K010 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-30080 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-30090 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-30110 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-30130 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-30140 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-33050 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-33060 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-48050 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-74020 S24CS02
Toyota Steering 89245-F4010 S24CS02

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
PORSCHE 95B 959 655 E 95128(read write)
BAIC A00108504 R7F701A033(read write)
BYD AUTO HDE 3658100A D2 95128(read write)
Volkswagen 3QD 959 655 BE TC224-16F(read write)
Volkswagen 1ED 959 655 AD TC233-32F(read write)
Toyota 89170-0R410 R7F701A223(read write)
Toyota 89170-0E330 R7F7016443(read write)
Chery TiggoE 2019-24C16 Full LCD(read write)
Chery 407000196AA 681818000 TC233-32F(read write)
wei lai A3C0763270000 R7F701018(read write)
WuLing 24315959 A3C1133020000 R7F701009(read write)

CG100X V1.4.7.0 (2024.04.20)
1. Added 26 models to dashboard.
2. Added 1 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
Ankai Bus 24C08
Aochi Aochi 2021- STM32F103VE
baoding grabbing machine 55 Digging machine 24C04
BAIC EV150 2015- 9S12HZ128
Chusheng Wrecker 2014- 24C04
Toyota Fortuner 2019- MB91F060BS
Ford Explorer 2021- 24C32
FOTON Oumake zhilan 24C64
FOTON Auman EST 24C04
Redflag EQM5 2022- 24C16
JAC Sihao E50A 2022- 24C16
JAC Kangling 2023- 24C16
JMC shunda 2022- R5F10DSLL
JMC JMMC 2023-25256
MG MG5 2022- 95640(Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
Nezha V 2022- 9S12G128
Neoplan Bus CAT1023
Chery Jietu  X70S(EV) 2020- 24C16
Roewe EI6 MAX 2021- 25320(Dashboard)+95640(BCM)
WuLing RongGuang 2022- 24C02
Hyundai VERNA 2019- 24C16
ChangAn Kesai5 9S12XHY256
China Hengtian L4600 2019- 24C64
CNHTC HOWO 2023- CAT1023
CNHTC HOWO V7-X(EV) 2023- 24C08

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
JEEP Wrangler 2007- 93C76(read write)

CG100X V1.4.6.0(2024.04.13)
1. Added 27 models to dashboard.

The following models are added for dashboard.
Aprilia GPR250 24C16
BAIC BOteng M3 2022- 24C08
BYD AUTO watering car T8 24C64
Buick Excelle 2011- 9S12HA32aftemarket(Dashboard)s
Dongfanghong L1100 Tractor 24C02
DongFeng Duolika D5 93C66
Toyota Ruifang 24C32(Full LCD)
Guojizhijun GC1 2020-2021- 9S12ZVH128
JAC Shuailing S3 24C04
JMC YuSheng S350 2020- 24C32
JMC kaiyun 24C04
KaiMa FuYunlai 24C04
LOVOL Valley God TranscendenceRG60 S1 2022- R5F10DPXXX
LOVOL lead RG70S 2022- R5F10DPxxx
Linde Forklift 2016- X5045
Nanjun D30G 2022- 24C16
Chery ARRIZO 5 2017- MB91F594BS
SANY Jiangshan 24LC04
Sunlong Bus(EV) 2017- 24C08
WEICHAI Z1 2023- 9S12HY48
Weimuwang Harvester 2020- 25040
WuLing ZhengCheng 2022- 24C04
Hyundai Festa 24C16(Full LCD)
YUEJIN ShangqiS80 2021- R5F10TPJL
ChangAn PiKa kaiqi 9S12HA32
CNHTC Shandeka 2023- 95640
Zhongyan Zhongyan wrecker 2016- 24C04

CG100X V1.4.5.0 NEW (2024.04.03) 

1. Added 29 models to dashboard.

The following models are added for dashboard.
BAIC X3 9S12ZVH128(Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
BYD AUTO TengShi 500 93C86
DongFeng Tuyi T6D 2023- 9S12HZ128
DongFeng Fengshen E70 2023- 95160
SouthEast DX7 24C16
Haima S5 2018- 24C64
HEIBAO AUTO panther H3 2020- 24C04
HEIBAO AUTO Xingyun G5 2021- 24C04
JAC Sihao EX400 2021- 24C16
JAC Sihao 2022- 24C16
JieFang J6 2023- 24C16
JieFang J7 2023- 24C16(LCD Dashboard)
Jiujing Roller 2012- 93C66
KaiMa small truck 2023- R5F10DLECJ
lexus ES350 2006- 93C56
Liugong Roller 25160
MG EZS 25160(Dashboard)+24C16(BCM)
Chery Karry x6 2020- 24C16
Shaanxi Auto Dragon M3000 2020- 95640 V2
WANDA Bus 2016- 9S12G48
ISUZU ruimai 2021- R5F10DSXXX
ISUZU ruimai S 2019- R5F10DSLL
ISUZU ISUZU 100P 2016- 93C46
ISUZU Lingtuo 2023- 24C32
Yuancheng G1E 2023- MB91F53BC
ChangAn Auchan X5 2021- 24C64
CNHTC WANGPAI 2022- R5F10xxx
Zhongxing Weishi 2023- 24C16
Zhongxing Pickup 2022- 24C04

CG100X V1.4.4.0 New (2024.03.29)

1. Added 42 models to dashboard.
2. Added 3 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
Honda ODESSEY 2022- S6J3001
BYD AUTO Haitun 2022- 25256(Vehicle body controller)
BYD AUTO BYD Tang 2021- 25256(Vehicle body controller)
DongFeng DFSK C72 2021- R5F10DPGJ
DongFeng Changxing D7L 24C08
DongFeng tuyi 9S12HZ128
DongFeng Special commercial large tank truck 2018- STM32F105VC
DongFeng Tuyi T6 2023- 9S12HZ128
DongFeng Furuika PIC18F66K80
DongFeng 504-16 Tractor PIC18F4480
Toyota Dafa 93C46
Toyota AVALONlion 2021- S6J3001
FOTON Shapu T 2015-  24C08
FOTON Oumake S1 2023- 24C16
FOTON ouhuiBus 2016- 24LC256
Trumpchi AIAN R7F701442
Suzuki AFR 24C04
Huatai SANTAFE 24C02
Huituochuangqi Tractor 24C02(times)
Geely Emgrand 2023- 24C16
Geely Emgrand GL D70F3529
JEEP Renegade 2021- 95320
JAC E50A 24C16
JMC BaoDian 2022- S6J334C
JMC kaiyun 2023- S6J334C
Cadillac XT6 2021- 24C32(BCM)
LOVOL Gushen corn harvester 24C04(controller)(time+mileage)
Suzuki TianYu 24C16
Chery COWIN Dazzle the world PRO 2021-  24C64
SANY 55 Excavator 25256(times)
SANY 75Excavator 25256(times)
Lingong small machine 24CL64(times)
Weike Roller RD28 95256(times)
WuLing HongGuang S3 24C16
WuLing ZhengCheng 2022- 24C16
Hyundai Mingtu 2017- R7F701403
YeMa T80 24C64
ChangAn RuiXing EM80 24C64
ChangAn EADO PLUS 24C16
ChangAn EM60 24LC64
Great Wall Havel H6 2022- R7F701404

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Honda Yiwei M-NV S6J336C(read write)
BYD AUTO BYD Song 2023- 24C16(Dashboard)+R7F701621(BCM)(read write)
MAXUS T90 R7F701028(read write)

CG100X V1.4.3.0  (2024.03.22)
1. Added 21 models to dashboard.
2. Added 6 models to airbag.
3. Added 2 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
Peugeot 408 2020- 24C16(Dashboard)+95256(BCM)
Kawasaki Rare animals  1000 2021- 93C76
Big fellow Neoplan 2013- 24C04
Dayun FanDouChe STM32F103RB
Dayun Fengdu STM32F105VC
DongFeng Danling sorinkler truck 2012- 24LC02
DongFeng RuiChi EC35 2021- R5F10XXX
Huatai SANTAFE 2016- 24C02
Geely Long Range xingxiang EV 24C16
Geely geometry G6 2021- 24C08
JAC Shuailing S6 24C08
JAC AOYUN 2023- 24C08
JAC Jun Ling H7 2023- 24C16
JMC JMMC 2018- 9S12HY48 V2
KaiMa Ruihang 2021- 24C04
Mount Taishan Tractor R5F10DPEJ
ISUZU Giant coffee 24C64
Citroen C5 2018- 95160(Dashboard)+95128(BCM)
JOHN Deere R230Harvester R5F10DPJJ
ChangAn Xingka 2023- 9S12HY64
ZOOMLION ZE60E-10 25640(times)

The following models are added for airbag.
Lan Tu H56A3607800AA Step One R7F701018 
Lan Tu H56A3607800AA Step Two 95640
KIA 95910-S7100 95256
WuLing 24342822 A3C1207710000 R7F701009
ChangAn 3658100-AW10-AA R7F701009
Nissan 98820-2GR1A TC222-16F

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Volkswagen 5QD 959 655 AM R7F701042(read write)
Nissan 98820 4KV1B 95128(read write)

CG100X V1.4.2.0 (2024.03.15)

1. Added 25 models to dashboard.
2. Added 2 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
KTM 390RC 2017-2021- 93C66
Besturn Besturn B30 EV400 2019- 24LC04
Honda Motor forsa 350 2022- 93C76
BYD AUTO Karry EV 2021- 25512(BCM)
BYD AUTO E9 2023- 24C16
DongFeng Dolika D6 2021- 93C66mileage+Fuel consumption)
DongFeng Fengxing F600 9S12HY64
Hanwo Tractor R5F10XXX
Haochi lntellingence Orange Shi electric van  24C32
Geely E 2022- 24C08
JMC JMMC 2020- 25LC1024
JieFang Golden bell 24C04
JieFang Dragon V X5043
KIA KX5 2019-MB91F061BS
KIA VQ 2011- 93C56
Victoria scooter 24C08
WuLing Zhengtu 2023- 24C16
YUEJIN CHAOYUE C300 2023- 24C04
ChangAn XinBao T3 PLUS 2023- R5F10DPXXX
ChangAn Xingka A12 2022- 24C64
Long hair Tractor 25640
CNHTC Shandeka 2022- 95640
CNHTC HOWO 2017- 9S12HY48(mileage+Fuel consumption)
CNHTC hanjiang 9S12HY48
ZOOMLION 60 Digger 25640

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Lixiang ONE 2020- 24C64(Dashboard)+SPC560B64L7(BCM)(read write)
Citroen C6 2021- 95160(Dashboard)+95128(BCM(read write))

CG100X V1.4.1.1 New (2024.03.09)

1. VW MQB added R7F7014xx mileage repair model.
2. Added 5 chips to Programer.
3. Added 28 models to dashboard.
4. Added 2 models to read-write.

The following chips are added for Programer.

The following models are added for dashboard.
baoding grabbing machine Wheel type wood grabber 24C04
BAIC MOTOR X7 2022- 24C16(Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
BAIC Weiwang M20 2014- 24C02 V2
BYD AUTO BYD Tang 2021- 24C16
Buick GL8 2013- 9S12H256
DongFeng brave warrior X5043
Toyota Previa MB91F060BS
Ford Territor S 2021- 24C16
FOTON Auman GTL 24C04
FOTON XiangLing  Q 2023- 24C16
Haima HaiMa S7 2013- 24C04
Huatai Santafe A25 2016- 24C02
JAC haoyun 2020- 24C04
JMC Bus 2019- CAT1023
JMC YuHu 9 S6J334C
JieFang J7 24LC04
KaiMa Kaijie 2022- 24C04
MG MG  2015- 24C16(BCM)
SANY SI16C Digger 24C04
Hyundai I10 2017- 24C16
XCMG 55 Excavator 2013- 24C64
ChangAn Auchan EV MPC5606S(SC667585CL SPC5606S)
ChangAn shenqi 24C04
ChangAn RuiXing M60 2022- 24C04
ChangAn RuiXing M60 2023- 9S12HY64
ChangAn Auchan X7(PLUS) 2022- 24C64
CNHTC HOWO -7 2016- 95640(time)
CNHTC HOWO N5G270 2022- 95640

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Geely Yuanjing S1 2018- 24C16 Dashboard+D70F3637 BCM(read writer)
KIA seltos 2021- R7F701034(read write)

CG100X V1.4.0.0 (2024.02.29)

1. Added 15 models to dashboard.
2. Added 3 models to airbag.
3. Added 6 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
Besturn E05 24C16
Changfa Tractor R5F10DPXXX(time)
DongFeng Tractor 24C08(time)
DongFeng Chenglong tractor 2017- 24C08
DongFeng Fengshen AX7 PLUS 2022- 95640
JMC Wweilong 24C16
JieFang 460 24C16
JieFang Dragon V 24C04
KINGLONG Jinwei 2020- 24C08
Nezha V 2022- 24C08
Chery X6 24C16
Easy coffee X6 STM8S105S6
ChangAn Xingka S201 9S12HY64

The following models are added for airbag.
BMW 65.77-5A19AB6-01 95512
BYD AUTO STHM-3658100A 95128
Great Wall 3658110XKV3AA TC223

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
BYD AUTO HCE-3658100A-D1(SEC30-C) Step One 95128(read write)
BYD AUTO HCE-3658100A-D1(SEC30-C) Step Two SPC560P50L3(read write)
FOTON Times EV7 2023- R5F10DLxxx(read write)
Geely Borui 24C16(read write)
JinBei J3858182 95160(read write)
Mazda Encelar 24C16(read write)

CG100X V1.3.9.0 (2024.02.01)

1. Added 23 models to dashboard.
2. Added 2 models to airbag.
3. Added 2 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
BAIC EU5 PLUS 2021- 24C64(Dashboard)+95320(BCM) (LCD)
Benz ML320 2002- 24C16
Besturn NAT 2023- 24C16
Sole Electric car STM8S105K6
DongFeng Ruichi EC31 R5F10DPxxx
DongFeng Fengxing T5L 2022- 9S12HA32
DongFeng Yufeng 2023- 93C66
DongFeng Captain EV350 24C128
DongFeng Yufeng 2021- 93C66
FuDi Lion F22 2019- 24C64
Ford YeMa 2018- 24C32
FOTON xiangling 2023- 24C16
Trumpchi GA4 2020- 24C16
Redflag H5 2023- 24C32
Redflag HQ5 2022- 24C16
Geely Emgrand 2020- 24C08
JAC Heyue A13 R5F10DPJJ
Longjia VMAX300 R5F10xxx
HONGYAN Jie bao245 STM32F105VC
SHAOLIN Temple Bus 9S12HY48 V2
WuLing RS-5 2019- S6J324C
Hyundai Mingtu 2021- 24C16
Yutong CL7 24C16

The following models are added for airbag.
Toyota 89170-02T60 TC234(oil money)
Geely 8891696534 681659900 TC222-16F

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Volvo V40 2014- 9S12XHY256(read write)
Hyundai Elantra R7F701461(read write)

CG100X V1.3.8.0 (2024.01.18)

1.Volkswagen MQB adds 6 new capacitor removal method models and Volkswagen Generation 4
anti-theft adds 1 new capacitor removal method model.
2.Added 27 models to dashboard.
3.Added 2 models to read-write.     

The following models are added for dashboard.
VESPA 300 24C512
BAIC EU5 2022-24C64(Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
Honda HRV 2019- MB91F061BS
DongFeng Fengshen E3 R5F10DSLL
DongFeng Captain K6 93C86
DongFeng Tuyi T3Q 2021- 24C04
SouthEast DX3 2018- 9S12XHY128
Redflag EQM5 24LC16
Geely Remote GLR 24C04
Geely Yuanjing S1 2017- 24C16
JMC BaoDian 2020- S6J334CJEE
Jingong 90 Digger 24LC64
Liugong 60 Digger 25640
Liugong Forklift 9S12HA48
Chery Karryyouyuex6 2023- 24C16
Nissan Quaker 2005- 9S12H128
Lingong 956 Digging machine 2021- 9S12HY48(time)
Sunlong BUS 2018- R7F701404
T-KNG ouling GL-III 2022- 24C16
Volvo S40 9S12HZ256
Hyundai 60VS Digger 95M01
KOMATSU 360 93C86
Iveco CHAOYUE 2022- 24C04
Yutong Bus 2019- 24C16
ChangAn CS15 EV400 95040
ChangAn UIN-V 24C16
Great Wall Harvard F5 2020- 24C08   

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
BMW E90 E91 LED BASIS ST10F269(read write)
Geely Xinrui 2021- R7F701603(read write)

CG100X V1.3.7.0 New (2023.12.31)

1.Added 12 models to dashboard.
2.Added 3 models to airbag.
3.Added 5 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.
Spring breeze X8 2014- 24C08
Dayun Little white shark 2021- 9S12HY48
DongFeng HuashenF5 2020- MPC5606S
Ducati V4 2019- 24C32
Toyota Lexus NX200T 2015- 93C66
Honda ELYSION 2022- S6J3001
Nanjun Truck 2022- 24C16
Venucia big V 2022- 24C128
MITSUBISHI Pajero 2019- 93C76
Volvo S60 2014- 9S12XHZ256
Hyundai Tucson 2022- 24C16
Zotye TS5 2021- 24LC04

The following models are added for airbag.
Volkswagen 5QD959655 AA SPC560P50L3
DongFeng 98510ECN01 95320
Nissan 98820-3GS0A TC222S-16F

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Audi 4M0 959 655 E 95128(read writer)
BMW 65.77-5A1FC44-01 95512(read writer)
KIA K3 2020- 24C32(read writer)
ChangAn Cross Star V5 EV 24C64(read writer)
ChangAn KUAYUEWANG X1 24C16(read writer)

CG100X V1.3.6.0 (2023.12.24)

1.Added 9 chips to Programer,can read the data of the encrypted state chip, after reading the encrypted data, please contact customer service.
2.Added 25 models to dashboard.
3.Added 1 models to read-write.
4.Added 1 models to Body repair.

Universal programmer adds the following chips to read encrypted data.
D70F3523 decryption
D70F3524 decryption
D70F3525 decryption
D70F3526 decryption
D70F3529 decryption
D70F3532 decryption
D70F3535 decryption
D70F3537 decryption
D70F3558 decryption

The following models are added for dashboard.
Ankai Electric Bus 24C08
Spring breeze 1250 93LC86
Sole Electric car 2018- R5F10DPEJ V3
DongFeng Fengxing Lingzhi M5 EV 2021- 9S12XHY256
DongFeng Fengshen AX7 PLUS 2022- 95160
DongFeng EM19 electric box transport vehicle 24C256
DongFeng Changxing D1L STM32F103VE
DongFeng Fengshen DV3 MB91F53BC
FOTON Oman Galaxy 24C08
Suzuki HaoJue MB96F673A
Geely geometry C 24C08
JAC E5  24C04
JMC HaoWei 24C02
JINPENG Jinpeng Electric car R5F10DPxxx
LonKing Forklift STM8S105S4
Chery Tiggo 8PIus 2020- 24C64
Chery X6HuoChe 2022- 24C16
Roewe W5 93C56
WEICHAI yingzhi G3 24C02
Electrodeless GT150 scooter R5F10xxx
ISUZU ELF 2023- 24C16
Hyundai Elantra 2022- MB91F061BS
Yutong BUS T7 9S12XHY256
YUEJIN Chaoyun 24C04
Sumitomo Digger 93C46

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Geely Emgrand GL 2017- D70F3523(read write)

The following models are added for Body repair.
BMW 3 series 9S08AC60(read write)

CG100X Free Update to V1.3.4.0  NEW (2023.11.07)
1.Added 20 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 12 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 7 models for data read and write function.
The following models are added for dashboard.
DS DS7 2018- 95160(Dashboard)+95128(BCM)
Honda ENVIX 2021- 93C86
Honda Motor forsa 350 2021- 93C76

Honda Motor NS110L 24C04
Peugeot 408 2015- 95160(Dashboard)+25256(BCM)
Toyota PRIUS 2018- 93A86
Toyota Highlander 2022- S6J3001(hybrid motion)

Toyota COROLLA 2023- 24C32
Ford Edge 24C32
Suzuki UHR150 24C04
chinchilla chinchilla300 R5F10DPEJ
LINCOLN Navigator 2018- 24C32
KIA huaqi300 2021- MB910F061BS
Victoria scooter 24C02
Volvo S80L 2010- 9S12H256
Hyundai Genesis 2013- 24C16
Hyundai Tucson L 2023- 24C16
Chevrolet lefeng RV 2016- 9S12XEQ512(1M12S)(BCM)
Citroen FuKang ES600 24C16(instrument)+95256(BSI)
lndian scout 24LC32

The following models are added for airbag.
Honda 77960-T45-H820-M1 TC234-32F
BYD AUTO SA2H-3658100B 680232800 TC222
Trumpchi 8040003CAD0102 R7F701A033
Geely 8892096721 68216600 TC222-16F
Chrysler PDA054105AA 95640
Leapmotor 5723100-TB01 95160
Nissan 98820-JL10A 93C56
Nissan 98820-8FS2A TC222
Volvo 30773786 9S12DG128
Hyundai 95910-K8500 95512
ChangAn 3658100-BN22 TC222    

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
Audi 4N0 959 655 AE TC275-64F(read writer)
BMW 6577 6998488 1 25256(read writer)
BYD AUTO qing PLUS 25640(body computer)(read writer)
Buick 26228605 SPC560P50L3(read writer)
FOTON J3858320 SPC560P40L1(read writer)
Roewe 11215312-01 TC224(read writer)
Wuling 23810547 R7F701009(read writer)

CG100X Free Update to V1.3.3.0 (2023.11.03)
1.Added 30 chips to Programer.
2.Added 28 models to dashboard.
3.Added 1 models to read-write.

The following chips are added for Programer.