ICOM firmware upgrade instructions

ICOM firmware upgrade instructions

1. Connect the ICOM to the computer with a network cable, and power up the ICOM with a 12V power adapter or

    Passengers pick up the bus.

2.Use IE browser to open (when diagnosing according to ICOM

   The IP address shown or the ICOM address read by ItoolRadar shall prevail), user name/

   Password: root/NZY11502

3.Click "Update Firmware" and you will see the version information of ICOM firmware.

4.Choice  ICOM-BootImage-01-24-00.bin ( Upgrade file path: C:/Program Files(x86)/Tools/Icom-ApplicationImage-01-41-00c),“ image type“ Set to“SYSTEM“,  click  "Send the file"。

5.When it prompts "Write the image file to the flash?"  , click "Yes", and then the lights will turn red.

6.When it prompts "The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successfull",click"Update Firmware"。

7.Select icom-applicationimage-01-38-01.bin and set image type to APPLICATION, click "Send the file", the file will take a few       minutes.

8.When it prompts "Write the image file to the flash?"  , click "Yes", and then  the lantern festival turned red for the second time.

9.When it is all right, click "reboot".  Upgrade complete