HARVEL TPMS TS61 Harvel valve-cap sensor

HARVEL TPMS TS61 Harvel valve-cap sensor

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16.00cm * 10.00cm * 6.00cm (L x W x H)
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HARVEL TPMS TS61 Harvel valve-cap sensor 1.Wireless transmission, no wires connection is needed.2.Sensor pressure range 0-3.5Bar/0-50PSI3.Round LCD CIG plug display.4.Four tires pressure data at a glance.5.100%DIY installation for whole system.6.Repl...

HARVEL TPMS TS61 Harvel valve-cap sensor 

1.Wireless transmission, no wires connection is needed.

2.Sensor pressure range 0-3.5Bar/0-50PSI

3.Round LCD CIG plug display.

4.Four tires pressure data at a glance.

5.100%DIY installation for whole system.

6.Replaceable battery for valve -cap sensor (CR1632)

7.Light external sensor(9.6g)

8.Sensor preset in factory, no pairing is needed.

9.Fixed bar and PSI pressure unit for selection.

10.Low power consumption in sensor.

11.Flexible sensor installation /relocation(without hassless)


1. Intellgient sleeping mode for power saving.

2.Self-testing for each power-on (If any warning happened before the last power off)

3.Sensor programming for new sensor insta-ation or reset the system.

4.Low sensor battery warning & sensor failure warning.

5.Fast leakage warning.

6.Slow leakage warning( slow leakage is one of the hidden threats leading).

Operating frequency: 433.92MHZ+-0.05MHZ

Operating voltage:2.0-3.3V

Operating current:<=16mA

Operating temperature:-20 degree--60 degree

Battery model:CR1632

Battery life:more than 2 years

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