CAR FANS C800+ Diesel & Gasoline Vehicle Diagnostic Tool for Passenger Car,Commercial Vehicle, Machinery with Special Function


CAR FANS C800+ Diesel & Gasoline Vehicle Diagnostic Tool for Passenger Car,Commercial Vehicle, Machinery with Special Function



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CAR FANS C800 Diesel & Gasoline Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool for Passenger Car, Commercial Vehicle, Machinery with Special Function Calibration

Car Fans C800 Feature:

★Wide Vehicle Coverage: CAR FANS C800 support 35 Heavy duty brand, 21 BUS Brand, 16 Passenger car Brand, 32 Machinery vehicle brand and 46 ECU System, almost cover all brand heavy duty vehicles in market
★Powerful function of software: C800 is fully optimized based on the OEM scanner, which enhances the comprehensive diagnostic capability of the diesel vehicle. Some of the functions are based on the advanced technology accumulated by the R & D team for many years. The main diagnostic functions include reading the version information, reading/clearing the fault code, actual values, actuators, advanced function
★Fashionable design of hardware: 7 inch 800 x 480 touch screen, super light main unit, is easy to hold and operate. ARM9 CPU with 4GB memory, the software operation is faster than similar tools
★Advance Functions: Adjustment/Settings,Function Test、Special function, calibration.
★Online Updating: Log in the official website ( download and install the C800 intelligent diagnostic device upgrade client software, the device SD card through the card reader plug in the computer USB interface to complete the device software upgrade.
★ECU Programming & Coding for 5 Brands
★1 Year Free Update Online
★ Support Languages: English & Chinese

Car Fans C800 Function List:
Read Fault code 
Erase Fault code 
Actual Values 
Advance Functions: Adjustment/Settings, Function Test, Special function, calibration etc.

Euro 5: Cummins,For Weichai,For Yuchai,For Shangchai,For Xichai,For Yunnei,For Foton,For FAW,For JMC,For Qingling, For IVECO,etc.(Read Code, Clear Code,Data Stream, Actuation Test)
Gas:For WeiChai WoodardNatural Gas system, For WeiChai BOSCH Natural Gas system,For YuChaiNatural Gas system, For FAWDENatural Gas system, For SDEC Natural Gas system, For CNHTC Natural Gas system,For Nanchong Natural Gas system, For Cummins Natural Gas system, etc.
Machinery:Engine and Hydraulic diagnosis on Caterpillar, For KOMATSU, For VOLVO, For SANY,For HITACHI,For Hyundai, etc.
Post-processing:Urea pump drive/injection test:For BOSCH,For Kailong,For ACT BLUE,For Tenneco,For Henghe,For Bjcats,For CNHTC,For SHACMAN, etc.
ABS:For WABCO,For Kormee,For BOSCH,For WanAn,For HongDing,For Cnhtc,For YaTai,For FAW,For Qinqi,For FAW,For DELPHI,For JingxiHeavy,For Knorr,For DongFeng ,etc.

ECU Reprogram: all Euro 3 Bosch EDC 7 across the bottom of the brand reprogram; all Euro 4 Bosch EDC17 bottom cross-version reprogram; EDC16UC40 bottom reprogram (Dongfeng, Xichai, Yuchai, Cha Cha, cloud, etc.); the country 4 Bosch EDC17 ECU read reprogram write data, the country 3 Bosch EDC7 / EDC16 read and write;(Weichai, Xichai, Yuchai, Chaichai,   Dachai   , Dongfeng, cloud, on the red, heavy truck, Valin, Fukuda, JAC, the whole firewood, Chai Chai, Yang Chai, etc.) the Hino Denso, on the diesel and other equipment, Weichai country 5, the country 6 ECU reprogram write, Yuchai 5 ECU reprogram to write;
7. support CBCU reprogram: China National Heavy Duty Truck, Fukuda Auman, etc. DCU reprogram to write: Tenneco, Hino, Weichai autonomy;
For Weichai,For  Xichai, For Yuchai,For  Cha Chai,For  Dafa,For  Dongfeng, For cloud, For heavy truck, For Valin,For  Fukuda, For JAC, the whole firewood, on the firewood, For Yang Chai and other engine calibration function (Euro III IV Bosch EOL) :(Idle speed adjustment, clutch switch, main and auxiliary brake switch, the maximum speed adjustment, preheat control, exhaust brake, fuel oil alarm, starter control, air conditioning control, cruise control, Car start and stop switch, oil pressure sensor, oil in the water sensor, fuel oil alarm, engine alarm light, PTO speed, K value, intake preheat, bridge speed ratio, etc.)
the exclusive starting Bosch  4, the Euro 5 post-processing history fault removal function
the exclusive starting the highest speed adjustment calibration function, support Bosch / Cummins 4, the Euro 5 and CBCU (heavy truck, Dongfeng,liberation, on the red)
the Euro 4, the Euro 5 urea injection temperature setting function, used to reduce the consumption of urea (support For  Weichai,For  FAW,For  Xichai,For  heavy truck,For Yuchai,For  Chai and other DNOX 2.2 / 6.5)
the new For  Weichai,For  Yuchai, For Dongfeng,For  Cummins and other nitrogen sensor test calibration function (test nitrogen and oxygen sensor is good or bad)
China National Heavy Duty Truck CBCU, CBCU3 system calibration,For  Weichai Euro five engine calibration; Cummins Euro five all the calibration function

Car Fans C800 Heavy Duty Scanner Vehicle List:

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Warranty Item

Main Unit for Equipment                 1 year warrnaty

Machine peripheral equipments and wire No warranty

Car diagnostic laptop                                 3 months

Data Hard Disk                                No warranty

Car software                                No warranty

Consumables                                No warranty

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